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APRIL 2019

New Super cars at the Geneva Motor Show 2019

Our comprehensive round-up of the 2019 Geneva Motor Show tells you everything about the most important new cars and biggest stories

The Geneva Motor Show takes place every year, and it’s arguably one of the most influential events on the global car show circuit. This year’s event kicked off as usual with a slew of new model launches and the latest concept cars, and Auto Express has the highlights.

The Auto Express team has been in Switzerland en masse to get you the latest news, pictures and video round-ups of the 2019 Geneva show, and they interviewed the people that matter to find out about the new cars on display, as well as looking at the state of the global new car market in 2019. Below is all of their coverage from the show in one place.

Aston Martin Project 003 – a new hypercar that joins the Valkyrie and Valkyrie Pro.

Aston has previewed its £1million mid-engine hypercar at Geneva, which will go into production in 2021 and could be called Valhalla

The Aston Martin 003 Concept is turning up the heat on hypercar rivals Ferrari and McLaren. The new model was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, and it will feature Formula One technology taken from Aston Martin’s partnership with Red Bull Racing. And it’s likely the 003 name will change before it’s for sale, with the name Valhalla a possible substitute. 

Only 500 examples of the 003 will be produced, all of which will be road legal, with first examples of the hypercar due to be delivered at the end of 2021. Around 12 months later, Aston’s fourth mid-engined model, a version of the Vanquish Vision concept, will go into production.

Ferrari F8 Tributo arrives as 488 GTB replacement

The Ferrari F8 Tributo uses the 710bhp turbocharged V8 engine from the 488 Pista and has made its debut at Geneva

This is the Ferrari F8 Tributo, which made its public debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Acting as the replacement to the 488 GTB, the Italian firm’s new supercar features fresh styling, redesigned aerodynamics, more power, less weight and more technology.

The F8 Tributo revises the 488 GTB’s styling with slimmer LED headlights, larger brake-cooling intakes, new twin-pod tail-lights, a larger “S-Duct” bonnet scoop, a redesigned rear wing and a louvred Lexan engine cover inspired by the Ferrari F40.

De Tomaso and Apollo make unconventional Geneva appearances

Italian supercar brand De Tomaso attempted to upstage the Geneva show by driving around in a camouflaged version of its new car

De Tomaso, the legendary Italian supercar manufacturer responsible for the 1971 Pantera, was recently acquired by the same team behind the Apollo IE hypercar. Neither firm made a formal appearance at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, but that didn’t stop the pair attempting to upstage the event.

Both the Apollo IE and an unidentified De Tomaso model were seen cruising around the event in heavy camouflage. We’ve seen the £2 million, 780bhp Apollo hypercar before, but details on the new De Tomaso remain a mystery. For now, all we have is the project’s potential name, hinted by the car’s ‘DTProjectP’ hashtag printed above its windscreen.

The teased De Tomaso model seems to feature a timeless “wedge-shaped” design, drawing influence from the classic Pantera and the Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino. We’re expecting it will be mid-engined and rear-wheel drive and,if Apollo applies the same philosophy as the IE hypercar, this new De Tomaso won’t feature any form of hybrid drive.

Apollo bought the rights to De Tomaso nameplate in 2014, following the Italian company’s financial collapse in 2004. Apollo then quietly registered a trademark for the brand in 2018, quickly followed by a redesigned logo and a series patents for the revived De Tomaso model.

Ryan Berris, General Manager and CMO of Apollo, commented on the secrecy of the project, stating: “How we operate is that we’re usually in stealth mode, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes – we’re not ready to make comment at the moment.”

Apollo’s acquisition of the De Tomaso nameplate could prove a beneficial expansion for the company. Currently, Apollo only builds limited-run, high-end hypercars to rival the likes of the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Ferrari LaFerrari. De Tomaso could instead act as a volume focussed supercar manufacturer, with a potential rival for the like of new Ferrari F8 Tributo.

This year marks De Tomaso’s 60th anniversary, so the brand’s resurgence seems timely. Further updates on Apollo’s plans for the brand will likely be revealed later this year.

New Bentley Bentayga Speed: world’s fastest SUV shown in Geneva

Bentley Bentayga Speed claims the title of world’s fastest SUV with ballistic 190mph top speed

This is the new Bentley Bentayga Speed: the car designed to help the British brand wrestle back the crown of the world’s fastest SUV from the Lamborghini Urus.

But not by much. Officially, the Bentayga Speed has a top speed of 306km/h and the Urus is 305km/h – that’s 190.1mph versus 189.5mph.

That record-breaking speed comes courtesy of an uprated 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12. Producing 626bhp, total output is 26bhp up on the previous range-topping Bentayga. Maximum torque is unchanged, meanwhile, at 900Nm, while a retuned exhaust note gives the Speed a more purposeful sound.

As before, drive is sent to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. The resulting 0-62mph time of 3.9 seconds is two tenths quicker than the existing W12, but 0.3 seconds behind the Urus.

As with other Bentaygas, the Speed features Bentley Dynamic Ride: an active anti-roll system that adjusts the air suspension through corners to combat body lean. As with other Bentaygas, the Speed features a range of dynamic modes to choose from, and revisions to Sport mode enhance the responses of the engine and gearbox.

Bugatti La Voiture Noire

Bugatti has built a one-off hypercar for this year’s show. Called La Voiture Noire (The Black Car), the model celebrates Bugatti’s 110-year history and draws its design inspiration from the brand’s famous 1936 Type 57 SC Atlantic. Powered by the same quad-turbo W16 as the Bugatti Chiron, La Voiture Noire has 1,479bhp and 1,600Nm of torque. The car has already sold for around £9.5million to an avid Bugatti enthusiast. [EDIT MAY 2019: Superstar Christiano Ronaldo bought the car.]

The special edition hypercar features a hand-crafted carbon fibre body which, according to Bugatti, borrows the Type 57’s elongated nose and distinctive C-pillars. However, unlike the iconic classic, the new one-off car remains mid-engined.

A trim-piece running from the one-off model’s bonnet to its rear spoiler supposedly apes the dorsal fin fitted to the classic, whilst its A-pillars are masked by a floating windscreen.

It’s powered by the same eight-litre quad-turbo W16 as the Bugatti Chiron, albeit with the addition of a new six-tailpipe exhaust system. Power and torque figures stand at 1,479bhp and 1,600Nm, with performance being fed through a heavily revised version of the Chiron’s seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox and all-wheel-drive system.

Bugatti has also completely reworked La Voiture Noire’s chassis and, whilst it shares some of the Chiron’s components, it’s been set up for comfy GT cruising rather than handling. As such, we’re expecting softer dampers and more heavily-assisted power steering.

Official performance figures are yet to be announced for La Voiture Noire. However, Bugatti has confirmed that its top speed will be lower and its 0–62mph time slower than the Chiron’s, due to the car’s revised gearing. The trade-off, Bugatti says, is superior in-gear acceleration and better passing power, making it easier to drive long distances.

Source: www.autoexpress.co.uk