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You are a professional in the automotive sector and we leverage that with our online marketing tools. We monitor the field continuously in order to provide you the best digital solutions. We give you maximum exposure with our site and our app.




Your exclusive car listings present on the world’s original vehicle niche market

With our platform CarsRepublic, on desktop and mobile, you will reach millions of users with much more to spend. Don’t rely on advertising on general car sites where the majority of your views is only generated by curiosity and not cashflow. You want serious customers with a wallet who are happy to see what you have to offer. Your portfolio will thus be reachable on desktops, smartphones, tablets as well as via our CarsRepublic App. Our marketing team puts every effort in attracting as much buyers as possible to and thus your portfolio.





Publish your portfolio

CarsRepublic offers you an easy way of advertising your stock of exclusive cars. Contact our sales teamfor the connection to place your portfolio very fast on the net and mobile, adjustable at any time by you in just a few mouse clicks. This is time-saving for you thus you can concentrate on your core business and after sales.


Our invoice: clear, simple and affordable. No investment, just minimal costs

With your respectable dealership as our partner you benefit from our features and extra services. However, these have been set up limited in order for you to save time. Below are the prices mentioned. We don’t want to convince you with a 10-pages explanation, just check it with the other car listings websites and you will see that we offer value for money.

As our CarsRepublic partner, you will benefit from the following extras:

  • Our growing presence on the worldwide web. Our marketing team explores and analyzes every serious channel on which we want to be seen. An example is our Social Media share options on the site : potential buyers can pass their found dream car that you offer to their relatives, friends, family, or colleages which gives your dealership more exposure and branding.
  • You will obtain your own dealer homepage with a personalised Internet address:
  • Diverse free features: ad statistics, log in with every device and much more

Our ad rates are clear and transparent, no hidden fees:

– $ 4,95 per ad (USD)

– for example 100 car ads results in a price of $ 495 monthly

– Our Bonus: above 300 car ads the price remains fixed $ 1,495 monthly. Whether you have a 300 or 2,000 cars that need to be placed, the fee remains $ 1,495. So, there are no additional costs for unlimited presence.

These prices are valid from April 1st, 2019 and subject to VAT.


CarsRepublic Pro package

  • Featured ad: $ 1
  • Page-1-Ad: € 1
  • Financing Proposal: Free
  • Mark as New: Free
  • Banner Ads (contact our sales department)

Be present where spenders and car enthusiasts are looking for their next supercar: on the world’s fastest growing luxury vehicle marketplace online. Our team has the requisite experience in digital online marketing, where you can benefit from. We offer you the best reach and visibility for your exclusive car listings – on every digital platform.


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